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Agencies exploring creative ways to deliver experiences in uncertain times

“We’re recreating every model we had success with in live events into the virtual space, whether that‘s culinary or unplugged singer/songwriter sets,” said Will Steinberg, co-president of the New York experiential and hospitality firm Zinc Agency

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Zinc Agency Announces Partnership with Chef Amanda Freitag to Benefit God’s Love We Deliver and World Central Kitchen

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a tremendous chef like Amanda Freitag to deliver a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for our clients,” said Will Steinberg, Co-President of Zinc Agency. “And we are just as excited to be able to give something back by supporting the important work being done by God’s Love We Deliver and World Central Kitchen.”

Event Marketer

Co-President Zachary Yabroff speaks at the Event Marketer Conference, ‘The Virtual Event on… Virtual Events.’

“I think we have all been pleasantly surprised at how powerful virtual events are and even when we do get back to hosting in-person events, virtual experiences will be a prominent part of the event landscape.”

Zinc Agency + WCPG

ZINC AGENCY & WCPG Launch Partnership To Create Virtual Experiences With Social Impact

“With our shared experiences, Harrie became a close friend instantly. The element of our experiences that I’ve always felt we were missing out on, is the ability to give back. I’m so excited about this partnership because we get to continue to build out the very best experiences both virtually and in-person (hopefully soon), but now we have a vehicle to help our clients align with strategic causes that will have a positive impact in the world”, said Will Steinberg, Co-Founder of Zinc Agency.

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WIll Steinberg & Lonny Sweet chat on the current state of "hospitiality"

"We are really looking forward to the day when live in-person events are back, but we've recieved such overewhelmingly positive feedback from the virtual events, I'm positive that virtual events will remain a important tool in corpoate hospitality planning", Said WIll Steinberg, Co-Founder of Zinc Agency


Lessons in virtual events

"There's going to be a hybrid model to come out of this where you can host an in-person event for 50 people while simultaneously livesteaming to another 500" Said WIll Steinberg, Co-Founder of Zinc Agency

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How to plan (and execute) a successful virtual event

We’re intentionally building a sense of exclusivity around our live streams, so it’s not like tuning in to an Instagram Live stream with thousands of other people. Those elements of connection have been really important.” Said WIll Steinberg, Co-Founder of Zinc Agency