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ZINC AGENCY & WCPG Launch Partnership To Create Virtual Experiences With Social Impact

June 10th, 2020:  Zinc Agency, an agency focused on curating creative, one-of-a-kind experiences that leverage the power of talent in sports, music, fashion, the culinary world, theater, and any of life’s other passions, and WCPG, an award winning cause agency, are forming a strategic partnership that will put their core services alongside one another to create powerful virtual experiences with social impact.

Zinc’s virtual experiences allow customers to still keep the connectivity with customers through unique interactive experiences that are delivered through a password protected livestream platform. WCPG will utilize their social impact agency network to manage all the charitable elements of every experience to make sure it fits the client’s philanthropic interests.

WCPG, co-founded by Harrie Bakst and Sara Weinstein, is an agency focused specifically and exclusively around cause with specialized experience in pop-culture. WCPG is uniquely positioned to help brands maximize their impact and engagement around cause related efforts as well as advise nonprofit organizations on how to effectively steer the new age of philanthropy.

Zinc’s leadership team comes with more than 25 years of combined experience in the events and hospitality industries.  Zinc is trusted by over 100 Fortune 500 companies, and works with the top content creators across a diverse set of sports & entertainment verticals.

“Will and I formed a close bond when we were introduced to each other about 5 years ago.  We were both treated for cancer at the same hospital and while they were at different times, we both took those experiences and turned them into the innate desire to always give back”, said Harrie Bakst, WCPG partner and co-founder.  “As businesses still need to entertain their client’s and host events, WCPG’s partnership with Zinc will allow those companies to continue operations, but with a give-back included in every activation”, said Sara Weinstein WCPG partner and co-founder.

“With our shared experiences, Harrie became a close friend instantly.  The element of our experiences that I’ve always felt we were missing out on, is the ability to give back.  I’m so excited about this partnership because we get to continue to build out the very best experiences both virtually and in-person (hopefully soon), but now we have a vehicle to help our clients align with strategic causes that will have a positive impact in the world”, said Will Steinberg, Co-Founder of Zinc Agency. 

About ZINC Agency

Zinc is an agency focused on curating creative, one-of-a-kind experiences both in-person and virtually that leverage the power of talent in sports, music, fashion, the culinary world, theater, and any of life’s other passions. Zinc’s approach is to always deliver a truly memorable experience that allows our clients to build and strengthen relationships with their customers. We work hard to conceptualize unique themes, whether attached to a specific personality or aligned with a major event. From there, we ensure all the details are flawlessly executed with a turnkey approach.

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About WCPG

WCPG is a cause agency offering comprehensive advisory and development services for brands, charities, and high-profile people looking to make an impact. More than ever, consumers are putting their faith in brands and talent to stand for something. WCPG works with both brands and charities to advise on fundraising tactics, partnerships, and strategy. WCPG specializes in balancing corporate and nonprofit partnerships that organically grow a brand’s social impact footprint. WCPG has worked with brands such as The Right To Shower, part of Unilever, charitable organizations such as Save the Children, Memorial Sloan Kettering, AKTIV Against Cancer, high-profile people such as Sean Penn and Pelé, and cultural institutions such as Fotografiska.

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