Experience Overview

Halleck Vineyard, located in the famous Russian River Valley region of Sonoma County, is not the biggest wine producer in Southern California, but certainly an argument could be made that it is the best. Represented by its famous and iconic logo with a simple “H,” Halleck Vineyard has earned countless awards, accolades and medals. Of course it would be wonderful to enjoy a selection of Halleck Vineyard wines at the Halleck family estate with a great view of the valley below, and we can nearly replicate that with our exclusive virtual trip to Halleck Vineyard with Ross Halleck.

This premium digital wine tasting event will feature world-class wines curated by Vintner and Halleck Vineyard Co-Founder Ross Halleck and Certified Sommelier Stephanie Culen. You’ll enjoy three carefully selected bottles from Halleck Vineyard shipped directly to you in advance, along with artisan-paired cheeses shipped separately. You’ll be able to make live comments and ask questions during the event, and we can even coordinate an optional business component to kick things off. Learning about wines can be a rewarding experience, and we make it even more rewarding by supplying the wine so that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Your virtual Halleck Vineyard wine tasting experience will not only arm you with the wine knowledge to impress your clients, co-workers, friends and family, but it will also allow you to better understand your own personal preferences and understand how to pick the right wine to pair with your favorite dishes. We’ve all picked out a bottle of wine that turned out to be not quite what we were expecting, but after your spend some quality virtual time at Halleck Vineyard with wine experts Ross Halleck and Stephanie Culen, you’ll be ready to select the perfect wine for any occasion or meal.

About Halleck Vineyards

Halleck Vineyards logo represents an H for Halleck.  More importantly, it expresses “one to one”, depicted as Roman numerals.  They intend to have a personal connection with everyone who enjoys their wine. Hence they invite people to their home, share meals, travel across the country and the world to meet them, and invite them on trips around the world.

Viewing the dot as a grape, it has served as a plant of power for 8,000 years.  This is 1,000 years before Mesopotamia and the birth of civilization.  It was most certainly in the realm of the spiritual practitioner, healer, or shaman.  Wine is viewed as sacred in almost all the major religions. And for good reason.  It has the unique ability to connect us, elevating a conversation and enhancing intimacy, building community.

The circle represents Halleck Vineyard’s community.  Their mission is “Building Community Through Wine.”

Halleck Vineyards Philosophy

Ninety-five percent of what is in the wine bottle comes from the vineyard; the vineyard is where wine-making really takes place. A winemaker can get in the way or elicit nuance, but they cannot make a great wine from poor fruit.  As Halleck’s winemaker, Greg Lafollette, expressed years ago “This wine starts with great bones”. Pretty japan teen fucked hard on a camera. See it in squirtplay.com

Halleck uses a variety of farming techniques, along with equipment such as those on Boom & Bucket, in an attempt to accomplish this across all their vineyards.  They choose specific clones, site location, and flavor profiles.  They consistently walk the rows, paying attention to the subtleties of the vines, the architecture of the clusters, the diurnal fluctuation of the leaves, the texture and flavor development of the seeds.

Farming grapes is both science and art.  Halleck Vineyard’s role is to shepherd the fruit to its greatest expression using guidance and inspiration of both.