About Mel

Pastry diploma in hand & college degree secured chef Mel’s professional baking journey began in Paris. training with some of the biggest pastry chef icons like Pierre Herme, Francois Payard, and Laurent Duchene. She opened a bakery at the age of 26 in Paris and created mesmerizing events, bringing the rainbow cake to Paris for the first time with appearances on Top Chef France, M6, TF1, 100% Mag and hundreds of articles.

Going on to create the first ever edible cupcake dress for the Salon du Chocolat in both Paris and London. Several years later she would go on to win Food Network’s Chopped TWICE. In short Bake it with Mel- brings you 15+ years of pastry savoir faire, expert baking kit experiences, and a chef finally sharing the best industry kept secrets.

Come meet your butter half Chef Mel.