About Marc Forgione

What’s the best way to learn from a world-class chef, like Marc Forgione? You could buy his cookbook, titled “Marc Forgione: Recipes and Stories from the Acclaimed Chef and Restaurant,” or watch every episode of season three of “The Next Iron Chef,” where Forgione grilled (pun intended) the competition to take first place. But an even better way to get inside access to Forgione’s culinary mastery would be to participate in an exclusive digital dining event hosted virtually by celebrity chef Marc Forgione himself!

The Menu

Appetizer (Choose 1):

  • Caesar Salad, Croutons, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Homemade Dressing
  • Batch 22 Shrimp Cocktail, Horseradish

Sides (Choose 1):

  • Sunchoked Creamed Spinach
  • Potato Puree, Truffle Butter
  • Crispy Hash Browns

The Steak 

  • Pastrami Strip Steak


  • Potato Au Gratin
  • Potato Puree, Truffle Butter
  • Sunchoked Creamed Spinach
  • NY Style Cheesecake