Experience Overview:

There are countless ways you can accomplish team building, from meetings to retreats to motivational speakers. Certainly, those are all good options and could help your business thrive, but how about something even better, like Tasty Team Building with Marc Forgione. That’s right, we can put together an exclusive and delicious team building experience with Iron Chef Marc Forgione at his prestigious Peasant Italian restaurant in New York City. These team building exercises can help build camaraderie among your employees, enduring challenges of workplace discrimination and solve any ongoing disputes.

Your team-building event will include a step-by-step demo and cooking instruction from Marc Forgione himself along with an interactive pizza or pasta making class in the main dining room at Peasant. You and your team will never forget this experience, as the restaurant will transport you back to old world Italy. Your Marc Forgione cooking experience will also include a secret ingredient team competition judged by the Chef, and then your taste buds will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime meal with a multi-course custom curated dinner.

To make this premium experience complete, you’ll enjoy a VIP book signing session and meet and greet with Forgione. Our elite content team will also be on hand to capture all the highlights with photos and videos so that you can remember and share the experience for years to come.

Almost since birth, Forgione has been destined to become a chef, just like his father. His career really took off after he won season three of “The Next Iron Chef” and since then the awards and accolades have been numerous. Not only have his restaurants been a success because of his exquisite cuisine, but also because of his savvy business sense. You can get his unique insights that can help your own business and make your entire team stronger. The investment you make in a Tasty Team Building Experience with Marc Forgione will pay off in the long run!