Experience Overview:

What’s the best way to learn from a world-class chef, like Marc Forgione? You could buy his cookbook, titled “Marc Forgione: Recipes and Stories from the Acclaimed Chef and Restaurant,” or watch every episode of season three of “The Next Iron Chef,” where Forgione grilled (pun intended) the competition to take first place. But an even better way to get inside access to Forgione’s culinary mastery would be to participate in an exclusive digital dining event hosted virtually by celebrity chef Marc Forgione himself!

This VIP online event will be fully produced by an acclaimed video production team working on site with the chef, and it will deliver an interactive culinary demonstration that is far better than anything you see on TV. This is sure to be an awesome demonstration that you can use in your own kitchen, but what if you have some questions? Well, we’ve got you covered because this demonstration will include the ability to make live comments and have a question and answer session. There will also be an opportunity to kick off the event with a business component, and the event will be kept exclusive with a private, password-protected link only for attendees.

One of the many traits that has made Forgione a culinary success is the ability to be humble. He learned from his father, who was also a chef, but never took his background or skills for granted and really put in the work required to become one of the planet’s most famous chefs. You can get exclusive insight into his culinary mind and be able to transfer some of his secrets to your own kitchen. While a VIP digital dining experience with Chef Marc Forgione might be a new and unique experience that has never before been offered, you can count on us to deliver an event that you will not soon forget.