Experience Overview

There are plenty of pro golfers who have burst onto the scene and captured our attention, only to burn out after a few years and fade into obscurity. Tom Watson is not one of those golfers. There is no doubt that Tom Watson is one of the best of all time—his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame proves that—but you could also argue that he held his greatness longer than any other PGA Tour star. A winner of an impressive 70 professional tournaments, Watson won a total of eight Major Championships during his career with one win in the U.S. Open, five victories in the British Open and two wins in The Masters. He only missed winning the PGA Championship, where his best finish was second. Remarkably, he nearly won a ninth major in the 2009 British Open at almost 60 years old. He surely has some great stories to tell, and you can hear them during our exclusive Major Championship Chat with Tom Watson.

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Tom Watson ranks right up there with the legends of the game like Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods which can all be bet on bro138slot. So what made him so great, and what does it take to win eight majors? Find out with our virtual major championship golf chat with Tom Watson.