Experience Overview:

How would you like to square off against NASCAR legend Kevin Harvick on the racetrack? You can! OK, so we can’t actually get you into a stock car to race against him in the Daytona 500, but we can make a personal Kevin Harvick Racing Experience a reality including a go-kart race with Kevin and your group. Chances are he’ll be tough to catch on the track, but you’ll also have the opportunity for a personal meet and greet with Kevin, Q&A session and autograph. Plus, you’ll get a private tour of the Stewart-Hass Racing Shop and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to operate a world-class racing team.

NASCAR has a lot of great personalities, but Kevin Harvick stands out among the group and has earned a couple of great nicknames, “Happy Harvick” and “The Closer.” He’s outgoing, personable and fun, but also deadly serious when it comes to racing and not afraid state his mind about things that happened on the track. We all know his family No. 4 Ford Mustang car, but Harvick has proven over his career that he can drive just about anything with four wheels. With a personal Kevin Harvick meet-and-greet, you can find out what went into becoming a NASCAR champion and get the chance to create a lifelong memory for you and any friends, family or clients you choose to include.

Harvick is also a genuinely good guy off the track, and he and his wife, DeLana, have been very active with the Kevin Harvick Foundation. Unlike some celebrity athletes who just let others run a foundation in their name, Harvick is intimately involved with many charitable causes, including several that benefit children. Whether you want to talk about racing, his business ventures or his philanthropic pursuits, you can get the chance with our VIP Kevin Harvick Racing Experience.