Experience Overview:

It’s easy to get fashion advice, right? You can ask your friends or co-workers or maybe try your luck with Google. But how do you get contemporary, world-class fashion guidance? How about from fashion icon John Varvatos? We can make that happen with our VIP John Varvatos Fashion Experience.

Varvatos, who has played a major role at both Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, has won too many prestigious awards to count and he’s also responsible for something we take for granted today – the boxer briefs. He even had a limited-edition Chrysler 300 sedan bearing his name, and you might have seen him on any number of TV shows, including “Fashion Star.” That all adds up to one of the most impressive resumes in the entire fashion world, and you can get up close and personal to his star power with our John Varvatos Fashion Experience.

Your exclusive event with the noted designer will be held at a John Varvatos boutique and includes premium champagne with exquisite refreshments and treats. One of the highlights will be a moderated Q&A with John Varvatos himself, where you can hear about his success in the fashion world and his thoughts on the latest styles and trends. You’ll also receive a signed copy of his book, along with a meet and greet session complete with a photo op and autographs so that you’ll have a way to always remember this special night. Plus, you’ll get a $500 credit to shop with a personal stylist so that you can leave with some of the latest and greatest fashions from John Varvatos.

When you book an intimate John Varvatos Fashion Experience through us, you’ll be tapping into our elite service and insider connections to bring you the best event possible, from coordinating and communicating all the details beforehand to being on-site for the event to ensure everything goes smoothly.