Experience Overview:

There are a select few in the sports world who are truly two-sport athletes. Of course, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders come to mind, and certainly those are both remarkable examples. But there is another two-sport athlete who might just have those two beat—Lolo Jones. Let’s face it—it’s pretty hard to make a name for yourself in track and field or as a bobsledder, but Lolo has done just that while becoming one of only a handful of athletes in history to compete at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. So imagine what you could learn with a virtual in-home workout with Lolo Jones!

This exclusive digital heath and wellness event will be hosted virtually by Lolo Jones herself and will be fully produced by an expert video production team. This Lolo Jones VIP experience will also include an interactive fitness class and chat with Lolo, including live comments and questions and answers. There will also be an opportunity for a business component to kick off the event, with each attendee receiving a unique, password-protected link. To top it all off, each attendee will receive an exclusive Lolo Jones signed item or gift bag to be shipped directly to them.

Lolo Jones began her athletic career in track and field, where she was one of the world’s best at the 60-meter and 100-meter hurdles. She won numerous collegiate titles and a pair of gold medals at the World Indoor Championship while narrowly missing out on the medal stand at the Summer Olympics. That would have been impressive enough for most athletes, but not for Lolo, who then went on to compete in the Winter Olympics as a brakewoman on the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Imagine the dedication it takes to excel and win at two completely different sports, and now you can tap directly into that insight with an VIP in-home virtual workout with Lolo Jones.