Experience Overview:

It doesn’t matter if you are in one of the world’s finest restaurants, or just spending a quiet night at home, you need to know your wines. Ok, so maybe advanced knowledge of wine it’s not a life-saving skill, but it makes wine so much more enjoyable when you know your stuff. And sure, you could spend all kinds of time reading about wine online, but why do that when you can tap into the expertise of a world-class sommelier or wine critic, like Laura Maniec? You can do just that with our exclusive Digital Sommelier Experience.

Not only will your VIP Digital Sommelier Experience include a digital discussion with Laura, but you’ll be able to put that knowledge to work with an exclusive shipment of 3-4 bottles of wine shipped to each attendee (except for Alabama, Mississippi and Utah residents). You’ll enjoy an intimate wine tasting and wine education experience conducted by Laura, and you’ll have the chance to ask questions and make comments during the private session open only to those with a private, password-protected link. You can also choose to include a business component to start off the special event.

The world of wine is both fascinating and complex, so there’s nothing like having an experienced guide like Laura Maniec for your journey – she’s ready to share her knowledge and expertise to help you bring your wine IQ to the highest level. Then next time you are dining out, you won’t have to rely on a random recommendation, and instead you can make an informed and educated decision. Contact us today and we’ll handle all the details to make your Digital Sommelier Wine Tasting Experience a night that you will never forget.