About Rob Floyd:

Rob Floyd is a global liquid chef and one of the most trusted mixologists in the industry. With bar teams in over 100 countries and clients all over the world, his reach into food and beverage is unprecedented. His passion for entertainment and emphasis on service makes him a unique player in the field. Rob founded RF Entertainment in 2008 with the desire to change the way people experience a cocktail, creating a healthy relationship with alcohol while providing meaningful social experiences. Since then, he’s travelled the world training bar teams, designing menus, performing Cocktail Theatre and starring in a variety of TV shows and live events. He hopes that by inspiring a belief in the all-around experience of a cocktail to change the way people approach alcohol, empowering them to appreciate the whole moment, to engage in a process and a passion, and to relish the adventure in a glass. Sip Boldly.

It’s easy enough to watch a mixologist put a special drink together, but our interactive sessions take that to next level and allow the VIP virtual attendees to make comments and ask questions of celebrity mixologist Rob Floyd. This special event also includes an ingredient card sent in advance to all attendees, plus a special opportunity to add a business component to kick off the event. To keep the event exclusive and private, each attendee with a receive a unique password-protected link.

Making drinks is both a science and an art form, and Rob Floyd has mastered both aspects of mixology. Whether you are looking to improve your own personal skills as a mixologist or looking for tips and tricks to transfer to your bar or restaurant business, a VIP Virtual Experience with Celebrity Mixologist Rob Floyd is sure to be a special event that you will never forget.