About Michele

Born in the picturesque Riccione in 1975 and deeply steeped in the rich cultural backdrop of Bologna, Chef Michele Massari’s journey is a testament to his passion for the multifaceted heritage of Italy. From its delectable cuisine to its lively arts and literature, his fervor resonates in his every endeavor. In the symphony of Chef Michele’s kitchen, three tenets shine through: a dedication to the rhythm of seasonal and local ingredients, a mastery of time-honored techniques refined to perfection, and an artistic inquiry that goes beyond mere cooking. Each dish, meticulously crafted, tells a story, not merely mingling ingredients, but weaving them into a narrative of passion and purpose. In the grand theater of gastronomy, Chef Michele’s cuisine takes center stage, much like the runway does in prêt-à-porter fashion or how Formula 1 sets the pace in the world of racing Michele, an esteemed chef, design enthusiast, and visionary entrepreneur, proudly holds the titles of CEO, Founder, and Executive Chef at Lucciola, a sparkling jewel nestled in New York City’s vibrant heart.

With a charismatic personality that captivates every audience, Michele is not only a maestro in the kitchen but also an emotional speaker, drawing people into his narratives of Italian traditions and culinary artistry. In 2017, with the city’s dynamic pulse matching his own, he, alongside his trusted business partner, Alberto Ghezzi, birthed Lucciola. This intimate 25-seat culinary haven is where Michele’s magic unfurls, highlighted by a meticulously curated chef’s tasting menu. Each dish is expertly paired with selections from an award-winning wine list, a collection that recently earned the revered “Due Bicchieri” accolade from Wine Spectator. A proud alumnus of the prestigious Università di Bologna, Michele’s academic endeavors, combined with a foundation in medicine, render a unique twist to his culinary creations.

This fusion of disciplines solidified his stature among the world’s elite Executive Chefs and propelled him as an in-demand culinary consultant. His esteemed collaborations span globally, partnering with renowned entities like Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano and Pastificio Felicetti, solidifying his role as chef and brand ambassador for the US domain. Beyond Lucciola’s mesmerizing confines, Michele graces the BiograFilm Food Academy in Bologna as their Executive Chef. His love for the cinematic arts has also led him to contribute as an Advisor & Partner for I Wonder Pictures, a notable film production and distribution entity celebrated for cinematic masterpieces like the Oscar-laureate “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and “The Whale.” At the heart of Michele’s culinary ethos lies the quintessential Italian philosophy: simplicity. He emphasizes the sheer quality of ingredients, letting them shine without the veil of over-complicated techniques. Beyond his gastronomic masterpieces, Michele’s voice is a cherished asset to platforms like RAI Italia and Il Sole 24 Ore, and a comforting presence on Italian national radio broadcasts, notably Radio 2. His creative vein further manifests in his endeavors as a conceptual photographer and his artistic forays into T-shirt design.