Experience Overview

The culinary world has changed more over the past few decades than just about any other industry. The popularity of reality TV, especially cooking shows, has brought a wide range of celebrity chefs onto the scene, and ranked highly among them is Richard Blais of “Top Chef” fame. The other change in recent years is the advent of new culinary technology and new kitchen gadgets, including the use of blowtorches in the kitchen! And while using a full-size blowtorch in your own kitchen might not be a great idea, there are plenty of fire-related gadgets that you can use, especially with our Digital Dining Experience “Tech Edition” hosted by celebrity chef Richard Blais.

If you want to learn new and innovative ways to cook in your home kitchen, Teaching TECHniques with Richard Blais is the perfect way to do it. You’ll participate in a fully interactive and immersive digital event with chef Richard during which you’ll be able to ask questions and make live comments. A professional video production team will be on site with the chef to ensure you get a perfect view of the action as he demonstrates some of his favorite tech gadgets, including of course the crème brulee torch. So that you can follow along, you’ll receive a digitally designed recipe card along with a custom food kit and gadget gift box. Among the possible gadgets and topics during the class are an immersion circulator and the use of a variety of molecular gastronomy powders. And no need to worry if you don’t have an advanced science degree, as Chef Richard Blais will break things down to make learning a fun and delicious experience.

In addition to everything you will learn from the chef himself, we’ll send you a personally signed Richard Blais cookbook that you can use to perfect the new techniques you will learn. Don’t miss your chance to up your cooking game with our Digital Dining Teaching TECHniques Experience with Celebrity Chef Richard Blais.