About Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes is a chef, television personality, and restaurateur. He became a celebrity chef as the host of the English-language cooking series Chuck’s Day Off on the Food Network in Canada and on Cooking Channel in the United States. Since then, he has hosted a travel and cooking show called Chuck’s Week Off: Mexico, and Chuck’s Eat The Street, where he explores foods along a street in cities around the United States. The smoke grill, also referred to as the kamado grill, provides one of the absolute best tastes that you can possibly have when barbecuing your food. By using the right grill, you can add a perfect smoky flavor to your meat, vegetables, or other dish, making the taste as enjoyable as one could imagine. Some of you may be quite unfamiliar with the kamado grill – Surprisingly, this grill traces its roots back over 3000 years to ancient China. The earliest cooking pots were made of clay, and found in this Asian nation millennium ago. While these vessels have evolved over the centuries, the use of clay…

Hughes competed on the American cooking show, Iron Chef America, defeating Iron Chef Bobby Flay, becoming the youngest Canadian chef to win, and only the third to do so. In 2014, Hughes was a recurring judge on season one of Chopped Canada and also the co-host of French-language version of Knife Fight: À couteaux tirés.