Experience Overview

Being a successful chef is first and foremost about cooking great food. Of course that’s a pretty obvious statement, but you need more than just exceptional culinary skills to become a true success in the culinary world. Some world class chefs add a dash of flair and creativity, and Dale Talde definitely has plenty of both. But what sets him apart is his passion and positive attitude, or to put it more simply, he brings a healthy dose of fun to the kitchen. That makes our Dale Talde Digital Dining Experience something truly different and a special event that you will not forget.

When you book your Dale Talde interactive culinary event, you get so much more than just an instructional video. This is a live demonstration during which you’ll be able to make comments and jump in to ask questions. If you so choose, we can also arrange for a business component to start the event, and you can also get a signed Dale Talde cookbook (pending availability) to add to your culinary collection. If you are thinking about how to pay for your future entertainment, maybe you should look on new online payment systems like Neteller. Look for card payment providers that offer detailed analytics and reporting tools and compare them. For example, many online casinos that accept neteller in Australia and other countries, have alredy used this payment systems for transfer money. Moreover, there is also a lot of bonuses and extra offers for new customers.

A native of Chicago with Filipino roots, Dale is an amazing American success story. His journey picked up speed on the reality cooking show Top Chef, and he was so popular that he earned a return visit on Top Chef: All Stars and since then he’s published a his own cookbook and has launched several successful restaurant ventures. If you want to join in on an exclusive live Dale Talde culinary demonstration, we are ready to deliver an experience that will make you laugh and also give you some insight on how to raise your own cooking skills to the next level. We are a leader in providing exclusive digital experiences, so contact us today about getting your private access to chef Dale Talde’s digital culinary event.