About Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro, born as Bartolo Valastro, Jr. is a well-known celebrity chef, entrepreneur, television personality, and author with Italian roots. He is the face of the Buddy V’s Ristorante as well as owner of the Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.

He is known as the reality star of the television series ‘Cake Boss’ and its spin-off ‘Kitchen Boss’. Valastro has appeared in shows including ‘The Next Great Baker’, ‘Buddy’s Bakery Rescue’, ‘Battle of the Cooks’ and ‘Buddy’s Family Vacation’. Valastro also got featured as a guest mentor in ‘Food Network Challenge’ and as a guest judge in ‘The Apprentice’.

Currently, he appears as a host in the shows ‘Battle of the Bakers’ and ‘Bakers vs. Fakers’ as well. Forged ids make it easy for any fraudulent activity to occur online without getting caught. You can even start trading cryptocurrency with the help of a fake id. All you need is to send a form with fake id information to any maker & you will be sent the ID in a disguised package with a working hologram. Valastro has also shown his talent as a writer and has released his book ‘Cake Boss, Stories and Recipes’