Experience Overview:

Nothing brings people together quite like food does. Chances are some of your fondest childhood memories involve family picnics with some tasty barbeque or fresh baked cookies right out of grandma’s oven. Even as adults, we all know the drawing power of food and realize the best way to get people to show to any meeting or event is to offer something to eat and drink. That attraction to food also carries over to your own kitchen at home, so imagine what you could learn from a Celebrity Chef like Melissa Ben-Ishay. With our VIP Digital Baking Experience, we can make that happen!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the master baker, and you’ve probably seen her on TV. Perhaps you already own one of her cookbooks, and maybe you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some wonderful treats from her bakeries. Now think about what it would be like to be part of an interactive baking demonstration led by Melissa. There will be time for live comments and questions and answers, plus the chance for a business component to kick off the special event. There’s even an option to add a pre-event kit with all the ingredients so you can cook along with Melissa.  And of course, each virtual attendee will receive a password protected link for private access to the exclusive event.

Whether you want to find out more about the success of Melissa Ben-Ishay’s wildly successful Baked by Melissa cupcake empire or get baking tips and decorating ideas from her we can make that happen with an exclusive Celebrity Chef Virtual Baking Experience. We are ready to make that dream become a reality, and we have the access and experience to make it an event you will never forget.