Experience Overview:

The MLB All-Star Game has always been one of sport’s ultimate events, and in recent years the Home Run Derby has joined it to deliver a one-two punch that is at the top of the list for any baseball fan. As you would expect, the history of the MLB All-Star Game is chock full of legendary names, like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Stan Musial to name just a few. And in recent history, the Home Run Derby has added another level of excitement with some truly remarkable performances by the game’s greatest sluggers like Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton. Even though the format of the Home Run Derby has changed several times over the years, the raw power and incredible moon shots launched off the bats of the players has remained the same. If you want to see the best players in Major League Baseball in two spectacular events, then you are going to love our MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby travel package.

Both of these events are great to watch on TV, but the experience of being there in person is truly something special and an experience of a lifetime. MLB All-Star Game tickets are notoriously hard to find, but you don’t have to worry about that with our MLB All-Star Game ticket package, plus you get the bonus of MLB Home Run Derby tickets. You can count on Zinc Agency to hit the ball out of the park with a VIP experience you won’t soon forget with our MLB All-Star Game & Home Run Derby experience.