About Dr. Garrett Reisman

While a conversation with NASA veteran Garrett Reisman may be virtual, his experiences are out of this world.  Reisman flew on all three Space Shuttles including the Space Shuttle Endeavor, Space Shuttle Atlantis and Space Shuttle Discovery.  Whether it’s 95 day stay on the International Space Station, a 2 week stay on NEEMO V living at the bottom of the sea, performing 3 spacewalks and even operating the Space Station Robot Arm — there’s nothing this astronaut/aquanaut can’t do.

In 2011, Dr. Reisman left NASA and joined SpaceX as the Director of Space Operations.  In May of 2018, Reisman left his position to teach Astronautical Engineering at the Viterbi School at USC while still serving as a Senior Advisor to Space X.

A life-long NY Yankees fan, Reisman’s brought the team to new heights — even taking dirt from the mound at Yankee Stadium and other memorabilia up into space.