Experience Overview:

We all know that Seinfeld was one of the most popular TV shows in history, but who would have guessed that one of the best quotes from its nine-year run on NBC would come from a character who was featured in just a single episode? That quote, of course, is “No soup for you!” The famous phrase was from Yev Kassem, the “Soup Nazi”, who was brilliantly portrayed by actor Larry Thomas in season seven.

So how would you like the “Soup Nazi” himself to host a private dinner for you and your friends, family or co-workers followed by a VIP Jerry Seinfeld experience to see the comedian at the Beacon Theatre in New York City? That’s just part of what our exclusive New York City Seinfeld Experience includes.

Your once-in-a-lifetime evening will kick off with an invitation-only pre-show reception at the iconic Friars Club, which you might remember from another episode of Seinfeld. Then Larry Thomas, the “Soup Nazi”, will host a premium multi-course dinner and open bar during which you’ll receive a signed soup ladle and photo opportunity with the actor (but remember to keep the line moving otherwise, No photo for you!)

You can bet that Larry Thomas is a bit more personable than the “Soup Nazi” on TV, and he actually earned an Emmy Award nomination for that performance. He’s gone on to perform in many other movies and TV shows, but of course he’ll always be known as the quirky soup slinger from the classic episode where Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine visit his shop and later stumble upon his secret recipes. That results in an epic showdown between Elaine and the “Soup Nazi”.

The reception and dinner event alone would qualify as an ultimate Seinfeld VIP experience, but there’s much more! After dinner, you’ll enjoy luxury transportation to the Beacon Theatre along with a premium orchestra level ticket to see Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy act live. Seinfeld might have been “a show about nothing,” but there’s a whole lot to our NYC Seinfeld Experience so contact us today to get things rolling.