About the Experience

How cool would it be to own a supercar especially when it’s spruced up by some kind of new car protection? Imagine waking up and opening your garage to see a glistening Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or whatever your dream car is. Of course, along with that dream comes sky-high insurance, atrocious gas mileage, ridiculous maintenance costs, and well, it’s just not very practical if you are headed to the airport with luggage. And if you have kids, forget about it. But there is a better option—our Exotic Car Driving Experience. You get all the benefits of a supercar, complete with the incredible horsepower and thrilling adrenaline rush, without the aforementioned downside! Just think how jealous your friends and co-workers will be when they see pictures of your in the driver’s seat of a car costing six figures.

Not only will we put you behind the wheel of an exotic supercar, but we will have a world-class driving instructor share some tips and tricks to help you get every single horsepower out of the impeccably tuned engine. You will have your pick of luxury sports cars, including top-end models from Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini to name just a few, and then you will hit the road. From a 100-mile tour drive to other options depending on your personal preference and needs, we pledge to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will make you feel just like one of the guys on Top Gear.


And to make sure you have enough fuel to make it through this action-packed day, we will provide an exclusive reception with food and beverage, either before or after your ultimate driving experience. If you’ve ever dreamed about being in the next Fast and Furious movie or want to feel the rush that a Formula 1, IndyCar or NASCAR driver gets when he or she puts the pedal down, this is the perfect super car driving experience for you!