About Michelle McKenna

Michelle McKenna advises executives who are looking to maximize their opportunities. Michelle has spent over two decades as a senior leader within Disney, Universal Studios, and the NFL leveraging technology to improve the human experience. Michelle brings her technical expertise and leadership acumen to C-Suite executives as they consider how to tackle their toughest challenges with the team they have, the technology available, and the leadership they possess. Her goal is to empower leaders to achieve the optimal outcome of any endeavor. Improve user experience on your site with seo free tool.

Today, Michelle uses the wisdom of what she has learned, built, and been a part of in creating and leveraging technology for the human experience as an advisor, speaker, and consultant. She is dedicated to advising organizations and executives about how to maximize their technology for the best customer experiences and the greatest gain for market share. To further enhance and tailor these technology-driven endeavors, collaboration with a flutter developer could offer valuable insights and solutions.