Experience Overview:

We all know that the Masters golf tournament is “A tradition unlike any other,” but have you ever stopped to think why that is? It’s certainly not one of those slick marketing slogans that over-promises and under-delivers. The Masters truly is one of the most iconic, prestigious, and unique events in all of sports. Augusta National Golf Club near Atlanta, Georgia, is also one of the most pristine and exclusive venues, and with nearly 100 years of tradition, the Masters is an event that every sports fan should experience with a luxury Masters travel package.

To underscore the importance of this event, there are not Masters golf tickets, but instead there are Masters golf badges. You can buy tickets for any event, but for the world’s most important golf tournament you will need Masters badges. Other than Super Bowl tickets, buying Masters badges can be among the most challenging endeavors of all sports events. The good news is that we have access to daily Masters badges for all four days of tournament play as part of our Masters tournament travel packages. You’ll also receive hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the course and an evening hospitality event.

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as cheap Masters tournament badges, but one of the other great traditions at Augusta is the affordability of food. While you can easily pay $10 for a small beer or a hot dog at some sporting events, at the Masters you can get their famous pimento cheese sandwich for just $1.50 and nothing on the Masters concessions menu is more than $5. You’ll also experience the uncluttered beauty of Augusta National without the overwhelming commercialization and advertising signage you’ll find at other events. It’s the perfect place to get back to the roots of golf and experience the sport as it was meant to be.

Who will wear the iconic Masters green jacket this year? Maybe Tiger Woods will continue his resurgence, or perhaps Phil Mickelson will make a run at the title. If you want to be there to see it in person, contact us today about your Masters golf luxury travel experience.

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